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MediPix (MS-T24) is a high-speed, high-resolution imager that features all the superior characteristics of imagers, and more. It not only supports multiple film sizes, but can also accommodate up to two magazines. What’s more, the system is extremely compact in design, with unprecedented quiet operations. By using the new and revolutionary MS-T film, superior diagnostic imaging is promised along with extremely long life. This high-performance system becomes the optimal choice of all types’ clinical settings, as well as part of a dispersed.

MediPix (MS-T24) With the most environmental direct thermal printing method, do not use any chemical liquid during the imaging. No silver halide or other metal components in MS-T film. Before, during and after printing process, does not produce any chemical waste and toxic substances or gas. Film disposed as household waste instead of industrial. With high-resolution imaging the thermal imaging layer on the film was consist of microcapsules which were formed by nano raw material, with high resolution thermal head, the final image resolution is 320dpi applicable to multi-sizes medical film.

Model Type Size Sheets/Box Boxes/Case
Medical Dry Film


8” X 10”        100           5
10” X 12”        100           5
11” X 14”        100           5
14” X 17”        100           5


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  1. Aayan

    Excellent quality, quick print

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